Reishi Mushroom Extract and Astragalus, proven in studies, restore and enhance immune function effectively

By age 50, the body’s immune system becomes weaker, largely due to atrophy of the thymus gland, which conditions T-lymphocytes (important immune cells) to hunt down and destroy disease and infection-causing bacteria, viruses, and emerging cancer cells. There is unquestioned evidence that weakened immunity increases risk of developing more serious and life-threatening infections, as well as increasing cancer risk (Medical News Today 2018

By age 50 the detoxification enzymes in our liver also become more sluggish and less able to remove dangerous substances (including cancer-causing agents) from our body and eliminate them safely. This also increases risk of serious, age-related diseases.

Adeeva Immuno-Detox Prime Can Help:

The ingredients in Immuno-Detox Prime are shown to support immune function and liver detoxification, helping your body maintain more youthful immunity and detoxification capabilities.

By age 50 we encourage everyone to take two capsules of Adeeva Immuno-Detox Prime daily to support their immune and detoxification function.

In recent years, Milk thistle (a key ingredient in Immuno-Detox Prime) highly acclaimed for its role in supporting liver detoxification and reducing liver damage from various substances, has also shown promise in experimental studies as an agent that may also help prevent cancer of the biliary tract (cholangiocarcinoma); a very aggressive form of cancer representing the 5 th most common alimentary tract cancer (

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Watch Dr. Meschino’s Webinar on Nutritional Medicine in Liver Detoxification, complete with scientific references, at the following link:

Watch Dr. Meschino’s Webinar on Nutritional Medicine and Immunity, complete with scientific references, at the following link:

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