Webinar Description


The Benefits of Essential Fatty Acid Supplementation
on Human Health

In this webinar, Dr. Meschino explains recent research findings showing the importance of taking a well-designed essential fatty acid (essential oils) supplement to support many health outcomes including:

  • Softer, Smoother Skin
  • Heart and Cardiovascular Health
  • Prevention of Alzheimers disease
  • Reduced Inflammation and Pain and
  • Other Health Challenges
Dr James Meschino
Dr. James Meschino

We all know that our omega-6-to-omega-3 intake is way out of balance with what our human ancestors enjoyed, and we are paying a dear price with our health, due to fatty acid adulteration embedded into modern day agricultural and food processing practices.

Attend the webinar and see how easy it can be to get your omega balance restored and reap the benefit of improved health and skin.