Live Seminars

Live Seminars and Media Appearances

Seminar Schedule

Dr. Meschino regularly lectures to health care professionals as well as the general public throughout North America.

See his online seminar schedule for the dates, locations and topics of his upcoming lectures.

Consumer Seminars

Dr. Meschino teaches his consumer seminars, “Nutrition, Aging And Disease – Conquering the Genetic Time Bombs of Aging and Disease, Naturally”, and “Women’s Nutrition – A Valuable Message that No Woman Can Afford to Miss”, to audiences throughout North America. Consult Dr. Meschino’s seminar schedule to see when he may be coming to a location near you. DVD copies of his consumer seminars will soon be available.

Continuing Education Seminars for Health Practitioners

Dr. Meschino teaches Continuing Education seminars to health care professionals on subjects related to use of nutrition, exercise and supplementation in the prevention and management of degenerative diseases as well as anti-aging.

See Dr. Meschino’s seminar schedule for seminar dates and locations near you.

Live Seminars and Media Appearances

Dr. Meschino is conducting a series of free public seminars over the next several months, as well as several “Meet & Greets”, media appearances and interviews.

To find out where Dr. Meschino is appearing next, please consult his Events Schedule.