May 2023: Full Article

May 2023: Full Article

Sleep-E Naturals contains four natural ingredients that worksynergistically to help improve the ability to fall asleep

Sleep-E Naturals:

Sleep-E Naturals contains four natural ingredients that work synergistically to help improve the ability to fall asleep, remain asleep and achieve a deeper renewing sleep that aids performance and immune function.

Taking melatonin alone is simply not sufficient, as melatonin does not facilitate falling asleep, but rather helps individuals achieve a deeper sleep once they are asleep. As well, taking too a high a dose of melatonin often disturbs sleep, creates vivid dreams that awaken individuals through the night and often results in morning drowsiness accompanied by decreased daytime performance and motivation.

The solution is Sleep-E Naturals, which contains low-dose melatonin, accompanied by three other natural agents that facilitate falling asleep (GABA and 5HTP), along with Bacopa monnieri, which improves memory function and helps reduce free radical damage to brain cells (the consolidation of short-term to long-term memory occurs during sleep).

What about prescription sleep aids?

4% of adults and 10% of Canadians over 65 years of age regularly take prescription sleeping medications for their insomnia and sleep disorders. Sleeping pill use increases with age and so do the associated risks — unsteadiness, falls, pneumonia, memory problems, unintentional overdoses when mixed with other medications,
dependence and withdrawal. In fact, sleeping pill use may account for up to one-third of hip fractures in people 85 and older.

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