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TWM 03 – Don’t focus on what you are giving up, but rather on the healthy foods you like


Don't focus on what you are giving up, but rather on the healthy foods you like

Today's Will Power Moment - 03

with Dr. James Meschino

A key mental strategy used by people who succeed long-term with their weight loss and wellness goals is that they’ve trained their mind to:

Not to focus on what the foods they are giving up, but rather on seeking out and choosing healthy foods that taste good and meet their taste preference.

The truth is, if you truly want to have a great looking body and

  • Keep your cholesterol, glucose and triglyceride levels in the ideal range,
  • Reduce your risk of cancer to a significant degree,
  • Reduce your Alzheimer’s disease as you age,
  • Prevent or better manage Diabetes,

…there are certain foods that you have to avoid or reduce your intake of to a substantial degree.

Your Wellness Feedback Report contains the details of the dietary changes that are personalized to your case but it’s not easy to say good-bye to fattening and disease-promoting foods you are accustomed to.

People who succeed simply do the following:

To a large degree “they decide in their mind that these bad foods no longer exist”, and rather than focusing on what they are missing, and feeling resentful and sad about it, they simply make a list of the healthier food choices they can use as a substitute.

They focus all their dietary mental energy on seeking out and choosing healthier food that satisfies their taste buds, exploring ways to make them taste as good as possible, and be enjoyable.

You’ll have much more success with your nutrition goals if you think only about the foods you can have, and not the ones you can’t. This means that your shopping list contains only the foods you approved for yourself – starting now. It means opening up a menu at a restaurant and looking specifically for the food choices you can have, and completely ignoring the ones that no longer make sense for you. It means not putting tempting foods in your home, or in your desk, so you won’t cave in during a moment of weakness.

Make any food temptations inconvenient to access – and out of sight – and out of stomach.

People who succeed long-term, simply set their mental radar to seek out and focus only on foods that are on their approved list, – and never – or rarely – considering to deviate from the plan. It’s really that simple, and, in my view, it’s really worth it if maintaining your health and appearance is a truly a priority for you.

Eat Smart, Live Well, Look Great.

Dr. James Meschino

Dr. James Meschino


Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ROHP, is an educator, author, and researcher having lectured to thousands of healthcare professionals across North America. He holds a Master’s Degree in Science with specialties in human nutrition and biology and is recognized as an expert in the field of nutrition, anti-aging, fitness, and wellness as well as the author of numerous books.

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