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Adëeva Body Burn: Ideal for weight, blood sugar, and boosting workouts—your perfect supplement solution

Adeeva’s Body Burn supplement contains 3 proven natural agents shown to help reduce excess body fat, improve weight loss results, reduce elevated blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and provide other impressive health benefits.

In fact, recent studies have shown that the ECGC, derived from green tea extract, not only turns on brown fat, helping us burn excess calories we consumed during the day by giving them off as heat to the environment (thermogenesis), but ECGC also up-regulates the Sirtuin-1 gene (longevity gene) that increases the activity of fat-burning enzymes (beta-oxidation of fatty acids).

In addition, the EGCG derived from green tea extract also possesses important anti-cancer properties, with impressive results already seen in human clinical studies with prostate and breast cancer patients and is currently used in adjunctive cancer therapy in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It also shows great promise as an agent to help prevent age-related memory loss.

After the Christmas holidays many patients are looking for ways to shed excess body fat safely, improve other risk factors for disease (i.e., glucose, HbA1c, cholesterol) and enhance their overall health status. Adeeva Body Burn, which combines Green Tea Extract (with high levels of EGCG), Chromium Chelate and HCA (hydroxycitric acid – derived from the Garcinia cambogia plant) can be an important addition to their overall game plan. This product contains no stimulants making it much safer than caffeine and ephedra-based weight loss products.

To learn more about Adeeva Body Burn click on this link:

To see Dr. Meschino’s CE Webinar on the Clinical Applications of Green Tea Extract, Chromium and HCA, complete with scientific references, click on the following link: https://adeeva.com/webinar-green-tea-hca-and-chromium/

To see the latest research on how EGCG helps tame the mTOR pathway, which is linked to reduced cancer risk, click in the following link: https://adeeva.com/blog/lmu-266-regulating-your-bodys-mtor-signaling-pathway-in-cancer-prevention/

Click the following link to see the latest human brain cell research on EGCG blocking the formation of beta-amyloid plaque, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease: https://adeeva.com/blog/lmu-265-green-tea-and-others-that-block-build-up-of-amyloid-plaque-in-alzheimers-prevention

To see the latest research on green tea extract lowering cholesterol levels in human studies click on the following link:

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Dr. James Meschino


Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ROHP, is an educator, author, and researcher having lectured to thousands of healthcare professionals across North America. He holds a Master’s Degree in Science with specialties in human nutrition and biology and is recognized as an expert in the field of nutrition, anti-aging, fitness, and wellness as well as the author of numerous books.