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TWM 06 – A Brain Energy Boost for Improved Exercise Compliance


A Brain Energy Boost for Improved Exercise Compliance

Today's Will Power Moment - 06

with Dr. James Meschino

To remove the feeling of brain fatigue that is often confused with body fatigue, have a small carbohydrate indulgence 15-20 minutes just prior to your scheduled exercise time. It will raise your blood sugar just a tad, re-energize your brain and give you the feeling that you do have the energy to follow through and exericise on that day.

Here are some example of a small carbohydrate indulgence:

  •  A small cup of hot chocolate.
  • Tea or coffee with some sugar.
  • Small plain donut hole, timbit, country bit, coffee bit.
  • 5 jujubes.
  • A piece of licorice.
  • A couple of sesame snacks.

None of these foods are health-foods, but they can give you the small instant lift your brain needs to remove the mental fatigue of the day that may otherwise makes you feel like you don’t have the energy to exercise. You can also use some healthier carbohydrates to accomplish the same thing, like:

  • A handful of grapes.
  • Small bowl of cut up pineapple squares.
  • A piece of watermelon.
  • A small fruit cup.

If you raise blood sugar just a tad just prior to your scheduled exercise time, you’ll likely find that your compliance with exercise improves. Try it and I think you’ll see that it really does make a difference. Many of us use this simple, but effective strategy to maintain our own exercise compliance.


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Dr. James Meschino

Dr. James Meschino


Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ROHP, is an educator, author, and researcher having lectured to thousands of healthcare professionals across North America. He holds a Master’s Degree in Science with specialties in human nutrition and biology and is recognized as an expert in the field of nutrition, anti-aging, fitness, and wellness as well as the author of numerous books.

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