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TWM 02 – Unclutter Your Environment

Unclutter Your Environment Today’s Will Power Moment – 02with Dr. James MeschinoA key strategy to succeeding with your exercise goals and eating healthier is to unclutter your environment. In the beginning it takes extra energy to be consistent with exercise and dietary changes. As you know, most people have trouble sustaining these initiatives, and at the first Read More

Introduction to Today's Willpower Moment

TWM 01 – Introduction to Today’s Willpower Moment

Introduction to Today’s Willpower MomentToday’s Will Power Moment – 01with Dr. James MeschinoFor some people, once you explain to them the details of how specific dietary and exercise practices will improve certain aspects of their health and/or appearance, they follow through and make it look easy. But most people, as you would guess, really struggle to Read More