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LMU 127 – Crafting a Balanced Morning Symphony: The Power of Low-Carb Breakfasts for Blood Sugar Control


LMU 127 – Crafting a Balanced Morning Symphony: The Power of Low-Carb Breakfasts for Blood Sugar Control

Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (April 2019)

Lifestyle Medicine Update (April 26, 2019)


The dawn of a new day often ushers in a chorus of health decisions, and none may be more pivotal than the one that graces your breakfast table. A study unveiled in the pages of the April 2019 edition of the esteemed American Journal of Clinical Nutrition harmoniously resonates with a principle long embraced by health practitioners and individuals navigating the terrain of effective weight loss and blood sugar regulation. This principle, elegant in its simplicity, illuminates a path less travelled—the realm of low-carb breakfasts.

The Overture: Unveiling the Truth

In a world where health fads and dietary dogmas flourish, science’s steady rhythm provides a beacon of clarity. This study, akin to a musical overture, assembles data from various corners of knowledge—a mosaic crafted from the experiences of  overweight type 2 diabetics. The spotlight falls on the potent role of breakfast choices, which not only wield the power to sway blood sugar but also influence the appetite’s cadence throughout the day.

Challenging Oatmeal’s Aura: The Carb Conundrum

Amid the dietary tapestry, oatmeal emerges as a celebrated protagonist, often adorned with the mantle of health. Yet, beneath its wholesome veneer, the study casts a spotlight on a truth often obscured—oatmeal, although low glycemic, carries the banner of carbohydrates (66% of its calories to be precise). Moreover, many variations of oatmeal invite sweet companions—brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup—adding a sugary crescendo to an otherwise nutritional melody.

The Daylight Symphony: Low-Carb Breakfasts and Blood Sugar Ballet

As the study’s narrative unfolds, a symphony of transformation graces the stage. Overweight type 2 diabetics journey through a 24-hour span marked by the sweet refrain of reduced carbohydrate calories at breakfast. The day’s melody takes an unexpected twist—a lowering of blood sugar, a harmonious dance that extends well beyond the morning hours. A chorus of participants adds their voices, attesting to reduced hunger, a culinary sonnet composed in the anticipation of an evening’s dinner.

Insulin’s Morning Whispers: Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar

In the realm of human biology, insulin orchestrates a ballet of intricate coordination. The study’s spotlight falls on the morning hours, where insulin resistance—more potent in its symphony—directs the cadence of carbohydrate metabolism. The insight emerges—consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods in the morning, even those deemed healthy like fruits and oatmeal, ushers in a crescendo of elevated blood sugar. This momentary symphony sets the tone for a day marked by blood sugar fluctuations, with each note potentially amplifying the risk of long-term blood sugar issues.

A Melodic Strategy: Crafting Harmonious Breakfast Choices

In the realm of practical wisdom, the study provides a compass—an elegantly orchestrated strategy for crafting breakfast choices that resonate with blood sugar harmony. A trio of choices emerges, each a melodic masterpiece:

  1. Whey Protein Shake: A symphony of protein unfolds, harmonizing with water, ice cubes, ground flaxseed, and the possibility of creatine monohydrate. This medley not only soothes the appetite but also resonates with the potential to reverse insulin resistance and foster improved blood sugar regulation.
  2. Egg White Omelet: This creation weaves egg whites with a rich tapestry of low glycemic vegetables—broccoli, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. A slice of tomato and dry whole-grain toast or avocado slices add a finishing flourish.
  3. Non-fat Greek Yogurt: A bowl of non-fat Greek yogurt, unburdened by sugary additives, invites the company of high-fiber, low-carb breakfast cereals. The symphony of flavors resonates as a chorus of satiety.

The Encore: Exercise’s Echoes

As the study’s symphony nears its finale, a second motif enters the spotlight—a motif that intertwines exercise with breakfast’s harmony. The power of 30 minutes of endurance exercise or strength training complements the low-carb breakfast, extending the melody of blood sugar control, cardiovascular vitality, metabolism acceleration, and weight loss triumph.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Choices

As the final notes of this nutritional symphony echo, they resonate with a truth crafted by science and underscored by experience. The breakfast table is not merely a culinary canvas but a platform for shaping the symphony of health. The study’s revelation extends an invitation—one that beckons individuals to embrace low-carb breakfasts, and in doing so, embrace a transformative journey towards blood sugar balance, weight loss, and a life harmonized by health.


Courtney R Chang, Monique E Francois, Jonathan P Little. Restricting carbohydrates at breakfast is sufficient to reduce 24-hour exposure to postprandial hyperglycemia and improve glycemic variability. *The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition*, 2019. [Link](

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