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LMU 64 – Unveiling the Potent Powers of Raw Beet Juice: A Dual Marvel for Heart Health and Athletic Performance


LMU 64 – Unveiling the Potent Powers of Raw Beet Juice: A Dual Marvel for Heart Health and Athletic Performance

Source: Journal of Human Hypertension (2016) and the journal Nutrients (2017)

Lifestyle Medicine Update (August 25, 2017)


As the world of nutrition and wellness continues to evolve, certain superfoods emerge, capturing the spotlight for their remarkable health benefits. Pomegranate juice, revered for its potential in cancer prevention, has held a special place in the realm of juices. However, the landscape is shifting, as a new contender steps into the limelight. Recent research, featured in the *Journal of Human Hypertension (2016)* and *The Journal of Nutrients (2017)*, highlights the dynamic potential of raw beet juice. With its heart-boosting and performance-enhancing properties, raw beet juice is poised to become a star player in the realm of health and athleticism.

The Beet Juice Revelation

Traditionally, pomegranate juice has been the forerunner in the lineup of recommended juices for health-conscious individuals. However, the discovery of the multifaceted benefits of raw beet juice warrants attention and consideration. Raw beet juice stands out due to its rich nitrate content, which sets off a chain of health-boosting reactions within the body.

Nitric Oxide: Unveiling the Cardiovascular Magic

Upon entering the bloodstream, nitrates from raw beet juice undergo a transformation into nitric oxide. This conversion ushers in a transformative effect on blood vessels, dilating them and facilitating enhanced blood circulation to the heart muscle. Notably, nitric oxide’s role isn’t limited to rest; during aerobic exercises and intense sprints, it optimizes blood and oxygen supply to muscles, including the fast-twitch muscle fibers vital for explosive strength, rapid acceleration, and sprinting capabilities.

Over the past years, researchers have been delving into the effects of raw beet juice on blood circulation, arterial relaxation, blood pressure reduction, and other cardiovascular risk factors.

Empowering Heart Health: The Scientific Evidence

In a notable study conducted in 2016, published in the *Journal of Human Hypertension*, 24 participants with high blood pressure aged between 25 and 68 were subjected to an intriguing regimen. Ingesting 250 ml (approximately 8.5 fluid oz.) of raw beet juice daily, these participants showcased an impressive array of benefits:

  • Lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Reduced markers of blood vessel inflammation (CRP)
  • Enhanced blood flow throughout the cardiovascular system
  • Decreased “bad cholesterol” (LDL-cholesterol)
  • Improved antioxidant status

Similar studies have substantiated these findings, attributing the cardiovascular benefits of raw beet juice to its robust nitrate content. The positive outcomes are also attributed to additional constituents within raw beet juice, including antioxidants, fiber, potassium, folic acid, and vitamin C.

Fuelling Athletic Performance: Beet Juice’s Double Duty

Raw beet juice’s prowess doesn’t end with heart health; it extends to the realm of athletic performance. The elevated nitric oxide levels induced by raw beet juice have shown promise in enhancing blood flow to working muscles. This enhanced blood flow translates into tangible performance improvements across various aerobic activities, such as long-distance cycling.

In a groundbreaking study in 2017, soccer players took center stage. Raw beet juice was found to enhance the ability to execute repeated all-out sprints. This revelation has far-reaching implications, extending to sports requiring bursts of all-out sprinting, such as soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis.

Incorporating Raw Beet Juice into Your Wellness Arsenal

Whether your focus is on heart health or elevating your athletic performance, raw beet juice emerges as a compelling ally. With its capacity to improve blood pressure, cardiovascular risk profiles, endurance, and sprinting capabilities, raw beet juice occupies a unique position in the realm of natural and approved ergogenic aids.

Conclusion: Embrace the Red Revolution

The world of nutrition is ever-evolving, introducing new contenders that challenge the status quo. Raw beet juice, rich in nitrates and bursting with health benefits, has stepped onto the stage as a formidable player. From bolstering heart health to enhancing athletic performance, raw beet juice’s potential is vast and promising. As we navigate our journey towards holistic well-being, let us embrace the red revolution and unlock the transformative potential of raw beet juice.


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